Dhamma School

Since  26.05.1983

Supervised by:

Sri Lanka Ministry of Buddha Sasana, Department of Buddhist Affairs & Colombo YMBA.

Registation No:    0044/01/ද.පා.ලි/ 003


School is in session every Sunday, 4 terms of the year and coincides within school sessions.

3.00 pm School starts with general assembly There are 2 sessions.
3.15 – 3.45 pm The 1st session is allocated for Sinhala Studies.
3.45 – 4.00 pm Break
4.00 – 5.00 pm The 2nd session is allocated for Buddhist Language.


The school provides a comprehensive curriculum.

Programs involving cultural and religious events are followed by specially- focused activities such as choir-singing, public-speaking, annual retreats and participating in Buddhist festivals by the students.

The school provides information and consultancy to parents and students and professional development to teachers.


Great emphasis is placed on good discipline, punctuality, regularity and respect. In order that students’ quality of life is enhanced, mental cleansing and training are taught and encouraged.


The school believes that all students can learn and experience success. For students to reach their individual potential, end-of-term testing and reporting are conducted as achievement indicator monitors.


The school values the geographical and migratory diversity of its students, their ability to learn good things of life from the Buddha’s life and teachings and the opportunity they receive to learn their native language in order that they become bilingual in communication.


The school expects that students and parents will continue to contribute to and support its on-going life and development.


A review shows us that the school has progressed immensely during the past 4 years. Its clientele numbers have increased, teachers receive professional training and Sinhala Language has become apart of the curriculum. This status has been achieved through the cooperation of parents, teachers, students and the wider community.