Thames Meditation Society

“Yogà ve Jàyati bhùri”- “From meditation does wisdom spring”.

Being a totally charitable institution providing a worthwhile service to humanity freely available at their discretion, the name of the Society was agreed at the inaugural General Meeting to be Thames Meditation Society.

Registered at,
49 Dulverton Road,
CR2 8PJ,
United Kingdom.

Aims and Objectives

Are to

  • Promote, foster and propagate and provide facilities for the study and practice of Theravada Buddhism including meditation and all such matters incidental, conducive, and/or related thereto. Such facilities to benefit all members of the Society and all those interested in the teachings of the Buddha;
  • establish and maintain appropriate libraries, reading rooms, scholarships and other similar institutions;
  • publish and arrange for the publication of newspapers, books, periodicals, websites and other literature dealing with the activities of the Society;
  • affiliate with and/or take over other societies and/or trusts, having similar objects; and
  • Take all such steps as may be found to be incidental and/or conducive to the attainment of any one or more of the above objects.